Newly developed electric motors will save people up to a fifth of their energy costs

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Newly developed electric motors from the Brno University of Technology are able to save up to a fifth of the energy used in large household appliances. They can be installed in washing machines and refrigerators, in heat pumps or ventilation. Permanent magnets newly added to electric motors help to reduce consumption.

"Every percentage of energy that can be saved in the consumption of an electric motor adds up to big numbers. But it's not just about small consumers of energy, because its consumption is constantly growing significantly across the board," Jan Bárta, head of the research team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Permanent electromagnets:

The advantage of the new technology is that there is no need to fundamentally change the assembly of motors on production lines such as washing machines. Only a modified rotor, which is the moving part of the motor, is installed in them. The newly developed one has permanent magnets. Thanks to them, the machine immediately starts synchronous operation after being connected to the electrical network, during which the rotor immediately rotates at a constant speed.

Simply put, the device has a sharp start and large energy losses during engine start-up are eliminated. With most current motors, when the machine is turned on, the motor must be magnetized, which is taken care of by the often malfunctioning electronics. But the element of magnetization is completely eliminated by using the innovative motor, because magnets take care of it. The modified engine no longer needs electronics.

“Our engine plugs into the socket and immediately runs at full power. There are no electronics in between that can break down over time. So, in addition to energy savings, we will also achieve material savings," explained Bárta. The engines passed the tests with flying colours.

The researchers even created ten prototypes of these motors so that the manufacturer of air conditioners, heat pumps or washing machines could just choose the exact one they need for their product.

The owner of a machine with a modern engine does not recognize the change. They will feel it only when they are billed, i.e. when they pay the bills for the consumed electricity. The engines were created with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The EMP company is preparing their pre-series production.

Bárta explained that the European Commission is still increasing the pressure on the production of ecological and most economical electric motors. This is done in response to ever-increasing consumption. At the same time, approximately 30 to 40 percent of electrical energy is used in electric motors in various electrical appliances. Globally, energy consumption is growing by 1.1 percent per year. By 2050, it should increase by 40 percent in the European Union alone compared to the current situation.

"The EU imposes increasingly strict requirements on the high efficiency of electric machines and the minimization of losses. Considering the development, it can be assumed that this trend will continue," added Bárta.


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