The hydrogen Tatra Force e-Drive shows itself in motion, handling the terrain like any Tatra truck

Published: 06.12.2023 Related countries:  Finland Finland , Denmark Denmark , Sweden Sweden , Norway Norway

A new prototype of the Tatra truck with hydrogen drive is racing around the Kopřivnice polygon. In addition to technique, it also shows its maneuverability and off-road skills.

The Kopřivnica company Tatra Trucks presented its prototype Force e-Drive truck at the end of October this year, but recently it finally showed off footage of its driving on its social networks. And not only on the straight, but also on the pitfalls of the Kopřivnice polygon, where cars for demanding terrain and army special vehicles are tested.

During that video, the company recalls the basic technical parameters, including a weight of 44 tons, a range of 400 to 500 kilometers and also an 8×6 drive - the first three of the four axles are driven. The fourth axle is steerable, air-suspended, has a load capacity of 10 tons and can be raised when not in use.

The car is powered by a synchronous electric motor with a maximum power of 580 kW and a maximum torque of 2300 Nm. It draws energy from a battery with a capacity of 171 kWh, which can be recharged either externally or using hydrogen fuel cells. There are two of them in the Tatra Mountains, each with a power of 100 kW. They draw hydrogen from six five-kilogram tanks (three on each side of the car), with each tank working at a pressure of 350 bars.

In the future, we will probably hear more about the hydrogen Tatra river, in the development of which ÚJV Řež, Devinn, VŠCHT Prague and the Research Center Řež participated in the development of the five-member consortium. After all, this is a prototype that will undergo a series of tests. At the same time, some of them should also take place with customers in demanding operating conditions, as the company revealed on its Facebook profile.


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