CSA at Prague Cyber Security Conference 2024

Published: 02.04.2024 Related countries:  Singapore Singapore

CSA at Prague Cyber Security Conference 2024

With the transboundary and evolving nature of cyber threats, it is important that Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) continues to exchange perspectives and best practices with their counterparts at international conferences to foster a safer and more secure cyberspace together.
Last week, CSA’s Senior Director of the Policy and Corporate Development Cluster, Ms Puay Li Phua, spoke at the panel on “Disrupting the Ransomware Ecosystem” during the Prague Cyber Security Conference 2024. During the panel, she highlighted CSA’s efforts to improve the cybersecurity posture of enterprises in Singapore through initiatives like the Cyber Essentials and Trust marks, which recognize enterprises with cybersecurity measures and practices in place.  

She also underscored the importance of inter-agency coordination given the cross-domain nature of ransomware. Additionally, she also spoke about recent efforts by the international community, such as the Counter Ransomware Initiative, of which Singapore is a member, which aims to counter the threats posed by ransomware.
CSA was also pleased to have fruitful discussions with their Czech counterparts from the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) and other international and industry counterparts at the sidelines of the conference.

Source: CSA (www.linkedin.com/company/cyber-security-agency-of-singapore-csa-)