Czech hydrogen start-up Leancat brings test stations and electrolysers to the global stage

Published: 19.12.2023 Related countries:  Ireland Ireland , United Kingdom United Kingdom

Leancat will be taking part on All-Energy & Dcarbonise in Glasgow, May 2024

Leancat, a Czech hydrogen start-up, has not been on the international market for long, yet is now competing with industry leaders. The company is a project by Dalibor Dědek, a Czech businessman and owner of Jablotron, a company best known for its alarms systems. Now with the firm Leancat, Dědek is specialising in fuel cell test stations. Their product is one of the most sophisticated in this specific field and its export numbers are growing fast. Among satisfied customers is for example the British National Metrology Institute, located in Teddington, London.

However, their customer base has widened lately towards the commercial hydrogen sector, which has been interested in Leancat’s electrolysers. As a device that produces hydrogen by electrolysis of water, electrolysers powered by excess solar or wind electricity can serve as energy storage. As the company is a pioneer of this field in the Czech Republic, first demand came from home companies, but international trade followed, having interested firms in the USA, Canada or Germany.

Leancat, with support from Czech Trade, will exhibit at next year’s All-Energy & Dcarbonise, which is UK’s largest low carbon energy and full supply chain renewables event.

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Source: seznamzprá