New Czech Invention the Future of House Heating?

Published: 20.10.2023 Related countries:  Ireland Ireland , United Kingdom United Kingdom

The new technology of heat accumulation in sand could provide heating at low to zero operating cost.

Introduced during the International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czechia last week, the Watt sand+ system could just be the future of domestic and commercial building heating. The technology is based on storing heat in sand, which has great accumulating qualities. Once the sand is heated – from own photovoltaic or directly from the grid in times of zero electricity prices on the spot market – it can supply the building with heat for up to seven months.

The project is a joined effort by several Czech companies, each specialising in a different part of the system, which have also been patent protected. Though as one of the businessmen, Mr Miloslav Žára noted, they do not worry much about unauthorised copies “[…] Every installed system is connected online, so that we can see what is happening within. We also configure the system individually for the needs of each customer, so simply copying it will not work correctly.”

The companies are currently finishing the procurement of the product’s certification, but pre-orders have already started to flood in, in spite of the quite high starting investment of about 1.5 million CZK (around 53 000 GBP). For the foreseeable future, the company is focusing on the domestic market, but it is considering franchising for entering the global market in the future.

Prepared by the Czech Trade United Kingdom & Ireland team