Czech company Sensio specializes in 3D-printed cellos

Published: 30.06.2023 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Sensio's brand MyCello offers exceptional sound quality 3D printed instruments popular in the USA with both beginners and professionals.

Under the brand “MyCello,” Sensio offers a range of 3D-printed cellos with exceptional sound quality. These innovative instruments have already made their way into various countries, including the United States, where musicians have incorporated them into both rehearsals and live performances.

It takes just two days to print a cello, a stark contrast to the approximately six months required to handcraft a conventional one. As with other electric instruments, the sound is produced by built-in hardware, rather than a sound body. The 3D printed instruments are significantly cheaper than their acoustic counterparts. This makes the 3D printed cello particularly well-suited for beginners. 


Presented by the team of employees of CzechTrade Chicago, USA.