Draslovka plans to expand it's production in Memphis, TN plant

Published: 23.12.2023 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Draslovka a.s. is in negotiation with several partners to establish a new caustic soda production facility within Draslovka’s Memphis, TN property.

Draslovka a.s., a leader in specialty chemical products and services, entered talks exploring a partnership with technology-driven producers of caustic and chlor-alkali derivates. The company's planned addition to its existing production facility in Memphis, TN, will utilize the existing plant's infrastructure.

In the new operations Draslovka will be applying the latest global production technologies to capture maximum sustainability in both energy-efficiency and cost efficacy.

Caustic soda price in the US is currently about twice that of international markets such as Australia and Asia. Draslovka has invested heavily in the technology and process improvement at the Memphis facility since acquiring it in 2021 and is currently working towards own production and own supply chain control. 

Source: www.draslovka.com

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