The Globally Recognized Czech 3D Printer Manufacturer, Prusa Research, Achieves 2.6 Billion CZK in Sales in 2022, Yet Faces Profit Decline

Published: 03.11.2023 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Prusa Research grapples with supply chain issues and production slowdowns, impacting profits. However, optimism prevails as the company anticipates substantial growth in 2024.

In the recently published annual report, Prusa Research disclosed a robust financial performance for the previous year, boasting a revenue of 2.626 billion CZK and a net profit of 269 million CZK. Despite facing supply chain challenges that persisted from 2021, Josef Průša, the company's main figure, remains optimistic about the future. The 3D printer market experienced a slight decline after the gradual easing of anti-COVID measures in 2021, but Prusa Research managed to grow. However, supply chain issues posed significant hurdles. Průša anticipates modestly improved dynamics for the current year but foresees more substantial growth in 2024 after three years of navigating the challenges posed by COVID and parts shortages.

Founded in 2012, Prusa Research has evolved into a leading developer and supplier of 3D printing solutions, counting SpaceX and NASA among its notable clients. With a fortune estimated at 5.6 billion CZK, Josef Průša earned recognition as the winner of the 2020 EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Source: CzechCrunch

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